100 Ready Workers

The South Suburban Action Conference  (SSAC) and Gamaliel of Metro Chicago (GMC) want to make sure that  workers in the South Suburban and Chicago area to not be left out of the  opportunities that have been brought to the community through local  transportation and construction projects. 

We are building a  database of at least 100 workers who are ready to start a career in the  transportation and construction trades, and tracking candidate’s skills  and what their needs are in order to prepare them for work.

With  the “100 Ready Workers” campaign we are also building a table community  stakeholders made up of union leaders, contractors, elected officials,  and job candidates to work together to make sure that local minorities  are being prepared for work and being hired on local jobs.  We’re organizing citizens of the metropolitan Chicago area to be  prepared to fight for opportunities in our area. 

We want to make sure that people in the South Suburban and Chicago area are not left out of these jobs.